Rebellious Rest

Well, hello there.

I'm Danielle: recovering perfectionist, yogi in progress, mama-of-one, former classroom teacher, shotgun DJ, and word-maker-upper.

But you probably already know that if you're here. But if not, nice to make your digital-acquaintance.

First, thanks for thinking of joining me. I know how full your life and inbox is.

Second, let's make sure the following things are your jam:

  • non-fiction book recommendations about health/wellness, motherhood, yoga, and/or child development
  • playlists to help you tune-in -- music is therapy!
  • yoga and mindfulness for everyday, real families

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Full disclosure: one day, I might want to promote something I am working on. It'll probably be a yoga class/retreat if we ever make it out of these crazy times. Whatever it ends up being, it'll be 100% Danielle-powered-and-made, promise (aka no MLM-things). For now, this is mostly an experiment in writing accountability and finding community.

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